Headrest Hook With Magnetic Phone & Tablet Mount

Model # RVS-SF216
Headrest Hook With Magnetic Phone & Tablet Mount
Model # RVS-SF216
Our new Headrest Hook mounts in just seconds, working as both a hook to conveniently hang bags and as a magnetic mount for phones/tablets. Simply mount your device and press play to keep kids/backseat passengers entertained (and quiet!) during any drive. The Headrest Hook can support bags up to 40 lbs, and the magnetic phone/tablet mount is completely rotatable, allowing you to display your device at any angle. The RVS-SF216 works with all vehicle types/sizes and really is the perfect addition to any drive. Forget the headaches, use the Headrest Hook!
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  • Headrest Hook Highlights 1 RVS-SF216

    Headrest Hook

    Mounts on the back of the passenger or driver headrest and can be used to hang shopping bags, handbags, or really anything at all!

  • Headrest Hook Highlights 1 RVS-SF216

    Phone/Tablet Mount

    Magnetically mount phone or tablet right behind the front headrests to instantly and easily set up a display for the back seat passengers.

  • Headrest Hook Highlights 1 RVS-SF216

    Universal Mount

    Each hook comes with three different grommet sizes to guarantee a fit for any vehicle. Simply pick the one that fits the best.

  • Headrest Hook Highlights 1 RVS-SF216

    Keep Kids Entertained

    Display videos to kids riding in the backseat and keep them entertained for hours. Difficult road trips will become a breeze!

  • Headrest Hook Highlights 1 RVS-SF216

    Heavy Duty

    With a super sturdy build, each hook can hold bags weighing up to 40 lbs! Keep things organized in the back seat!

  • Headrest Hook Highlights 1 RVS-SF216

    Rotatable Magnet

    Magnetic mount instantly snaps onto headrest hook ball joint and rotates to display device to all directions.

System Specs
In The Box
  • 1 x Heavy Duty Headrest Hook
  • 1 x Rotatable Magnetic Mount
  • 2 x Magnetic Metal Pads
  • 3 x Mounting Grommets
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