360° Surround View Camera System

Model # RVS-082585
360° Surround View Camera System
Model # RVS-082585

Say goodbye to blind spots! The RVS-082585 360° Surround View System is equipped with 4 ultra wide fish-eye cameras, which give you 4 views that seamlessly merge together to create a complete 3D image of your vehicle. Use the 360° view to assist with parking, check your blind spots, or to help navigate narrow roads. The RVS-082585 is also equipped with motion/vibration detection and a built-in GPS receiver that logs the vehicle position and speed. The system uses loop recording to save your trip, and with the built-in G-Sensor, can detect an impact and will lock footage, making the recording override protected. The HDMI port is for future development and not currently used. 

The system comes in two configurations; Consumer Grade and Commercial Grade. Please select the type for your vehicle from the drop-down menu.

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System Specs
System Specs
  • Video InterfaceBMW style connector
  • Input/Output Impedance75 Ohm
  • AmplitudeTypical 1 Vpp, 1.2Vpp Maximum
  • Bandwidth8MHz
  • Video Sampling Frequency16.5MHz
  • Differential Phase (DP)<0.8° TYP
  • Differential Gain (GP)<3%TYP
  • SNR70dB
  • Indicator Lamp High BeamOptional
  • Left/Right Turning BlinkerYes
  • Reversing LampYes
  • G-SensorBM250E Bosch
  • CompressionH.264 Basellne@L3.1
  • Monitor CompatibilityRCA (Not Compatible With HDMI)
  • Resolution480p @ 30fps
  • Bitrate5Mbps, 2Gbyte/Hour
  • Recording MediaUSB Disk(High Priority)/TF
  • Disk CapacityTF CARD: 64G SDl03.0/SDl02.0 USB Disk: 256G USB2.0
  • Power Comsumption4-CH DVR + SVM mode - 350mA | 4-CH DVR mode - 180mA | Sleep Mode <1 OmA
  • DimensionL *W*H - 123*81 *25mm (Host Metal box)
  • Weight220g
  • Working Temperature-30°C ~ +85 °C
  • Storage Temperature40°C ~ +85 °C
  • Relative Humidity0-95%
In The Box
  • 1 Host Box

  • 1 Front Camera

  • 1 Rear Camera

  • 1 Left Camera

  • 1 Right Camera

  • 1 Remote Control

  • 1 Main Wire Harness

  • 1 Front Extend Cable (x2 Commercial Grade)

  • 1 Rear Extend Cable (x3 Commercial Grade

  • 1 Left Extend Cable (x3 Commercial Grade

  • 1 Right Extend Cable (x3 Commercial Grade

  • 1 Drilling Bit (Consumer Grade Only)

  • 1 IR Receiver

  • 1 LED Cable

  • 1 Roll of Calibration Tape (x3 Commercial Grade

  • 1 Rubber PAD

  • 1 Instruction Manual

RVS Systems warrants this product against material defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. We reserve the right to repair or replace any such defective unit at our sole discretion. RVS Systems is not responsible for a defect in this system as a result of misuse, improper installation, damage or mishandling of the electronic components. We are not responsible for consequential damages of any kind.