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Government Solutions

Government & Municipality Solutions

The RVS SYSTEMS Government & Municipality Program will protect the value and safety of your vehicles.

  • Designated Account Representative

    Individualized attention goes a long way. Upon joining our Government Solutions Program you will be introduced to your account representative, designated to your company to ensure you're happy and have all of your questions or concerns addressed. From billing to technical assistance, you can rest assured that we've got you covered.

  • Two Year Warranty

    Warrant yes. Worry not. We warrant all our Government Solution products to be free of any material defect for two-years. Because we manufacture our own backup camera systems, it's easy for us to stand confidently behind them.


    Our Advanced Placement Warranty means we'll ship you replacement parts before you return the defective parts to us. This way your vehicle won't have to hit the road with a hole where the camera would have been. Keep your image and your sanity.

  • Ongoing Product Discounts

    We offer discounts of up to 20% off retail pricing for government and municipality vehicles. Our retail pricing itself is highly competitive so with this discount you really are receiving the very best prices there are.

  • We Accept PO's

    No need to get approved for credit, if you are a certified municipality or government organization we can ship right away with a purchase order from you.

Goverment Solutions

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    • We are trusted by the largest national fleets
    • We proudly count Fortune 500 companies among our clients
    • We have the highest industry rating
    • There are no extra fees or costs

    • 57% of all U.S. non-traffic child fatalities are from vehicles backing up Source:
    • In 2007 alone, 221 people were killed and 14,000 injured, when vehicles backed up over them Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
    • Each fender bender costs a corporation an average of $5,000