RV-Eye™ WiFi RV Camera

Model # RV-Eye
RV-Eye™ WiFi RV Camera
Model # RV-Eye

The RV-Eye™ is a WiFi camera system designed specifically for RV's that fits any budget. Install the weatherproof camera on the side of the RV, connect it to the WiFi transmitter and view the camera feed on your mobile device! With this convenient camera you can view who's at the RV door, keep an eye on the RV from a distance and even record those special moments that happen on the road. 

The free RV-Eye™ App is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store. 

Installation Tips: Uninstall the app from your phone, forget the RV-Eye network from your WiFi Networks, and disconnect the transmitter from power. Reinstall the app and recconect power. The default password is 12345678. 

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RV-Eye Security Camera System Highlights

RV-Eye Backup Camera Mounting Position

System Specs
In The Box
  • 1 - Waterproof Camera with Night Vision

  • 1 - WiFi Transmitter

  • 1 - Power Cable

  • 1 - Installation Components

RVS Systems warrants this product against material defects for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. We reserve the right to repair or replace any such defective unit at our sole discretion. RVS Systems is not responsible for a defect in this system as a result of misuse, improper installation, damage or mishandling of the electronic components. We are not responsible for consequential damages of any kind.